Internal Communication Manager

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Full name -  Jorris Mattias
Gender -  male
Age -  30
Education -  High School or Equivalent
Where attended -  ABC UNIVERSITY, Sometown, NY
Degrees, Certificates -  Achieved bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations
Experience / Skills:
June 2006 till date: ABC COMPANY, Sometown, NY; Internal Communication Manager; Responsible for developing and maintaining internal communication programs and strategies of the organization; Handle the tasks of gathering and drafting communication messages as well as communicates the same to the employees; Perform responsibilities like maintaining online media, newsletters and videos; Responsible for managing business information and company announcements as well as produce regular global employee newsletter; Provide support to human resource team in initiating and driving cultural change. April 2004 to December 2005: DEF COMPANY, Sometown, NY; Internal Communication Manager; Perform the tasks of developing and managing the execution of global communications strategy to deliver maximum impact; Responsible for maintaining and optimizing existing internal communications channels as well as implement new initiatives and tools; Provide guidance to senior managers on communication opportunities support in the production of materials for both external and internal audiences; Handle tasks of managing employee engagement agenda, devise new ideas and establish effective channels for feedback; Play a key role in developing mechanism to evaluate and assess the success and effectiveness of internal communication

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